1. Completely filled out BUYERS INFORMATIONS SHEET
  2. Signed Consolidated Pro-Forma & Reservation Application Form
  3. Reservation Fee

Modes of Payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • Manager’s Check
  • Bank
  1. BILLS PAYMENT(For International Accounts)
                1)  PNB
                2)  Metrobank
                3)  RCBC

The remitter/buyer shall have to COMPLETELY fill out a Remittance Application Form.

The    following    are   minimum information required:

  • Remitter Name - Name of the Person sending the payment
  • Beneficiary Account Number - (not required)
  • Subscriber Name - Name of the Buyer
  • Subscriber Number - Account Number, Project Details (Project Name AND Unit No)
  • Document Number (if any) - Reference no in the bill
  • Amount of Remittance - Amount of payment remitted

(for BPI account holders - local and International)

 Just logon to BPI Express Online banking


                        (thru RCBC accredited payment center-international)

  • Auto Debit Advice

               (ADA for local Payment for monthly amortization)

  • BDO
  • BPI
    How to enroll:
    -  Buyer to submit to AR dept. a complete filled-out application form provided by RLC

 1)  Singapore
2)  Canada
 3)  US
How to enroll:
-  Buyer to submit to Accounts Receivable Department a complete filled-out application form provided by RLC


Submit the following:

  • Government Issued IDs (Spouse)
  • Post Dated Checks (PDC) for the required down payment or Auto Debit Authorization (ADA)
  • Proof of Billing (not more than three (3) months old)
  • Proof of Tax Identification Number (TIN) – either of the following is required:
    • TIN ID Card (Present original upon submitting photocopy)
    • Income Tax Return
    • Form 2316
    • Form 1904 duly stamped by BIR
  • If Applicable:
  1. Balance or Retention fee is higher than 80%
  • Approved Credit/Bank Pre-screening Form
  • Advanced Age Disclosure
  • Written Confirmation from the buyer that the Balance will be paid thru personal fund; or
  • Post Dated Check for the Retention Fee.
  1. Present Value (PV) Request Form
  • Any payment term preferred by the client that is not within our standard payment terms should be coursed through the PV (present value) computation
  • The PV computation must be endorsed to OPS for their approval
  • If PV request is granted, the approved term should be reflected in the Consolidated Pro-forma Reservation Application (CPRA) form
  1. Death Certificate(for buyers who are widowed)
  2. Affidavit of Quitclaim & Release

     (applicable for buyers who refuse to disclose their true civil status)

  1. Notarized Sworn Statement (for married buyer(s) but don’t want to include their spouse)
  2. Advanced Age Disclosure Form
  3. Notarized Affidavit of Paraphernal/Separate Property

(applicable for spouses who have agreed to a separation of property and that the funds used to purchase the property do not form part of their absolute community of property or conjugal partnership but were taken from the personal funds of his/her spouse)

  1. Entry of Judgment

(certificate of finality of judgment on annulment case duly registered in the Local Civil Registrar)

  1. Notarized / Consularized Special Power of Attorney
  2. Commission Deduction Authorization Form (if applicable)
  3. For minor buyer:
  • Notarized / Consularized Affidavit of Minor
  • Letter from the financier that they are familiar and willing to pay Donor’s Tax


  • Special Cases:
  1. For Corporate Buyer
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Notarized / Consularized Board Resolution and / or Secretary Certificate
  • Photocopy of gov’t issued ID of the representative(s) stated in Corporate Buyer Information sheet and Board Resolution
  1. For J.G. Summit Employees
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Company ID
  • Discount Disclaimer
  • Certificate of Good Standing (RPMMC)
  • *No Commission, Only Credit!






Our Lease-To-Own Features that allows you to pay on a monthly basis completing the 120 months or shorter. Also, gives you the opportunity to move in with a required 2-3 months lease deposit.

Upon full payment of 120 months, a 6% conversion fee applies to completely purchase the unit.


Booking Requirements:

  • Contract of Lease (COL) with Option to Purchase
  • Client Info Sheet / Buyers Info Sheet
  • TIN ID AND (1) Valid Government Issued ID with Picture, Middle Name and Signature
  • Signed Letter of confirmation that client has viewed the unit personally
  • PDC's for Lease Deposit


Early Move-In Requirements:

  • Full Payment of Lease Deposit
  • Signed Contract of Lease (COL)
  • At least 24 PDC's for Lease Rental
  • Deed of undertaking to complete the remaining within 2 months for full term of the lease
  • Pre-signed DAS (w/ completely filled out BIR1904 and attached birth certificate)
  • Declaration of Occupants


Actual Move-In Requirements:

  • Signing of Unit Acceptance Form
  • Admin. will require 3 months Advance condo dues (dated on the date of viewing and unit acceptance)
  • 24 PDC’s (1st check to cover the 4th month from   occupancy date) to cover forthcoming Condo Dues


Note: For financing options on our Lease-To-Own Term, we exclusively partnered with Robinsons Bank with an available of 10-year, and 15-year loan terms. (For inquiries, kindly contact us).